Seminar on Calming the mind via Breathing and Mediation


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Ruzbeh N. Bharucha.
Zoom details for Seminar on Calming the mind via Breathing and Mediation on 23rd May 2020 at 3.30pm IST.
Please note
1. The workshop will start sharp on time. Please be present at least ten minutes before to enable the host to give access to everyone to be able to begin on time.
2. Please keep a note pad and a pen by your side to take down notes.
3. Please switch on the audio option first. If you still cannot hear, then type a message in the ‘Chat’ section.
4. An advice to ‘pin’ Ruzbeh’s video in the ‘Speaker View’, so that you are able to view Him clearly all throughout.
5. The host participant will mute all participants at the start of the zoom session, to avoid confusion of many people speaking at the same time and background sounds. If anyone has a question please write it in short in the ‘Chat’ section through the workshop. Do not keep questions for the end of the workshop. Please ask questions only pertaining to the subject of the workshop to withold the essence of the topic being spoken.
6. If anyone looses connectivity due to internet connection or any other reason, please log in again immediately with the help of the same link details. Incase the Host’s video is lost due to internet connectivity, please wait for the session to restart within five minutes.
7. Please co-operate with these guidelines, to be able to adhere to some online limitations and restrictions.
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