Experiences of Hoshang & Havovi Dadachanji with Meher Baba

Ruzbeh N. Bharucha



“Let me begin by saying that though we met Meher Baba over hundred to two hundred times, these meetings took place only because of His grace and not because we deserved meeting Him. We were blessed to have an unlimited license to meet Him,” informed Hoshang. “We came to Meher Baba through my uncle Chanji. He was my kaka, my father’s youngest brother. He joined Baba in 1922, am not sure of the exact date, but around 1922. He became sort of His secretary, keeping diaries of His everyday record. I met Baba in 1943 through my brother, Nariman, when I was thirteen years old. My brother, Nariman supported me like a father. We were four brothers and now I am the only surviving one.”

   “Where did you meet Baba?”

   “At the engagement of my brother Nariman and Arnavaz. Baba had called us to Him and I was very excited as I had never met Baba before. We had one Photo of His at home. I had no idea who He was but when I met Him I knew that He was a very special man. I just knew that He was not an ordinary man. He appeared to be a Maha Purush, a Divine Super Being. He took me and my other brothers also into His fold. Nobody can go to Him, without His wish, will and His grace. He told us this many a times but I understood this much later on.”

   “Did He communicate to you anything in the first meeting?”

   “No. As you know He never spoke but on the first meeting I think He embraced us and gave us His blessings. The name of the bungalow where He was staying was called kismat, in English it means Destiny. It was my kismat to meet Him,” Hoshang chuckled.

   “Many times we thought we were so lucky to have met Him in the body but I remember once Baba telling us that just because we have met Him in the body doesn’t mean we are lucky or more fortunate than those who have not met Him personally. In fact, He used to say that, ‘those who have not seen Me, not met Me and yet they will come to bow down at My Samadhi, they will be more fortunate’. He would say that those who have not met Him but still love Him unconditionally and love Him more and more, are truly the fortunate ones. It has been over fifty years since Baba dropped His body and we have observed that there are always new faces. More and more youngsters are coming to Him with true love. They are the fortunate ones,” he informed.

   “I remember,” began Havovi, “that when we used to go and meet Baba during the Guruprasad days, we were just content to keep looking at Him. It did not matter whether we sat right in front of Him or way behind, just to be able to sit in the same room as Him and look at His beautiful, divine form was enough to fill our heart, body and soul. But He would often tell us, ‘come and sit in front of Me, as time will come when due to the rush of My lovers wanting to come to Me, you all will be pushed behind’. Years later I realized what He meant as there used to be a long line, sometimes we had to wait for hours just to reach His Samadhi.”

   “I believe as long as He allows us to stand in the queue, gives us the strength to stand to reach Him, that is more than enough,” added Hoshang.

   “Hoshang will be ninety years young in a few months.”

   “Yes, but still we stand in line, we have never jumped the queue,” Hoshang said this with a smile. “The best part of Baba was that not only did He take interest in our spiritual growth but He took interest in every aspect of our lives. He took great interest in all our family matters, from our children’s health to their studies and in our business too. He took great interest in our business and the best part of it all is that we felt His presence in our day to day life. He would signal to us, ‘how is the business’. So divinity is one aspect, He was also like an elder family member of all our families. The human side of Meher Baba is what I miss the most. Later on He would come and stay at my brother’s house, which was just opposite the American Consulate. Once He called for me. He wanted to contact some mast, a God intoxicated saint, as according to Him there was a mast in Mahim, I think the name of the Mast was Mastan. I have had the fortune of driving Baba to and fro many times,” Hoshang informed.

          “It is strange. Meher Baba only gave and gave to all those who came to Him but I remember there was always the other side, who spoke ill about Him, who wanted to spread nasty rumours and gossip about Him, to pull Him down, indulge in petty slander and He would only smile and say that, ‘they are also helping Me in their own way’. I remember from my school days, the Parsi community was very against Him and even as a young growing boy never could I understand why certain people, of various communities, were so against Him and hell bent on spreading lies about Him,” Hoshang wondered.

   “Those who now throng to be with Him, they were against Him,” Havovi added.

   “Especially there was this man called Colonel M. S. Irani. Meherwan S. Irani. When Mehera’s father, Jehangir passed away, the mother along with her two girls went to Baba. This M. S. Irani was very fond of his sister, Daulat, Mehera’s mother, who had just become a widow and he felt that she should stay only with him along with her daughters. So he was very aggrieved that they decided to be with Baba and this man took it out all on Baba.”

   “He became anti Baba?”

          “For nearly thirty-five years this man spread the worst kind of gossip and slander against Baba. Oh, he was so anti Baba, so against, I cannot begin to describe to you that man’s hatred towards Baba. He began to publish articles against Baba, accusing Baba of all the nonsense you can imagine. The worst possible nonsense was spread against Baba and all those who loved Baba wanted to set this man straight. Baba would calmly say, ‘you all shall do nothing as by denying Me he is also doing My work. He speaking against Me is no real suffering for Me.’ Many people including this M. S. Irani, maligned Baba not only through word of mouth but through articles which were printed against Baba and I am sure many must have got influenced by those articles. Baba would say, ‘nai, he is also doing My work. By denying Me as God he is confirming the existence of God, so by saying I am not God, he is agreeing that there is a God. He is doing My work but in his own way…all this is also seva.’ He would tell all His lovers this and make them calm. But there were many Baba followers who were furious with this man and requested Baba to give them permission to bash him up and Baba would refuse. ‘He is doing My work. He reminds people of My name, even though he writes against Me, he is still putting My name on people’s ears. He is dropping My name on their ears and forcing people to remember Me,’ ” informed Hoshang.

   “Years later this man became very ill. Some say he had cancer but I am not sure,” spoke Havovi. “This man wrote a letter to Baba, apologized and sought forgiveness from Baba for all the damage and the mean things which he had said about Baba. The man was suffering a lot. We don’t believe in Baba as God for nothing. He is all merciful. Baba burnt the letter and at the same time the man found relief and passed over peacefully.”

          “Yes,” Hoshang continued. “A telegram came that this man had passed away at such and such a time and that was the exact time Baba had burnt his letter in His compassion.”

   “When did you meet Baba?” I inquired of Havovi.

   “I met Baba when I was seventeen years old. I got engaged at seventeen and married at twenty. So when Baba came to Mumbai, around August or September in 1954, it was decided to get Hoshang and me engaged and take Baba’s blessings for the same. I did not believe in Baba in those days but I went there as I was very young and I had no option but to go. I was naturally taken there, to meet Him. At that time, I was like a country bumpkin. I didn’t know air-conditioning existed, but when I entered the room, Baba was sitting there. I still remember the room. Fancy curtains like they used to be in cinema halls and flowers and fruits. Baba patted me and signaled to me that I was a very nice person. Arnavaz was standing at the window and she said that, ‘I knew one day I would be His’. But that took seven long years for me to accept Baba and become His. For seven long years I did not believe in Meher Baba. Arnavaz was very sweet and kind to me, she was like a mother figure to me. One day Hoshang told me, accompany the bus and go and drop everybody to Meherabad. Then we went and stayed at the Parsi Guest House, in 1954.”

   “Yes, when a mass darshan program was held in Ahmednagar in Wadia Park,” Hoshang added.

   “Yes. Wadia Park is still there.”

    “Around sixty to seventy thousand people came for that darshan,” Hoshang added.

     “Yes. We went for that. We had to go and stay in the Parsi Dharamshala or guest house and they went to Meherabad. On the way, the others thought that if I am travelling for this darshan then I must be a Baba lover but as I have told you I was anything but a Baba lover those days. Because of my upbringing I believed only in Prophet Zarthost but what I didn’t realise that Baba had been with me always. Imagine my Navjote was done on February 25th which is Baba’s birthday. Anyway, we reached the guest house and God, it was quite dirty and there was no water. At that time there was a Zoroastrian Priest who was a very philanthropic person and he would look after those who were mentally challenged and they too stayed in the guest house. Now I associated all the hardship I was going through with Meher Baba. So I was holed up in a dirty place, with no proper water and surrounded by these mentally challenged people and to add further to my misery, there was no latch to the door of the toilet. It scared me to death and I internally took out all my frustration on Meher Baba. To add further salt to injury, all those who had come along with me, were going through these hardships with a smile. Their love for Meher Baba was so intense and pure that no discomfort bothered them. I had this connection with Zarthost Saheb. I have always been taught that Zarthost Saheb is a Prophet, not God. Anybody calling Himself God was too much for me. As Parsis we are against smoking but I saw some of those who were close to Meher Baba smoking. Nariman bhai and Jimmy all were smokers and that further made me cringe and I wondered how could somebody who called Himself God allow His followers to smoke. Then the other issue I had was about how Baba gave permission to Parsi girls to marry non Parsis. That according to me was going against all the tenets of Zoroastrianism. I was very naive and young and didn’t know better, that spirituality is way beyond man made rules. So seeing all this and the tough time I was going through, I blamed my so called suffering and hard times on poor Baba,” she began to laugh.

   “Then in 1954 there was another important day where a number of Baba followers had come to attend a meeting called by Baba. On one side of Baba, Godavari Mai or Mata who was very beautiful sat near His Feet and on the other side of Baba sat Gadge Maharaj, who used to bathe lepers and serve them. I knew neither of them nor knew of Upasani Maharaj. I was very closed within. Didn’t want to embrace what was being offered to me. Baba was meeting everybody, but quickly. Arnavaz took me during their lunch break to a place, there was this cottage and then a hedge and behind the hedge Mehera and Mani were present. Oh they were in their prime and they looked so very beautiful. So very beautiful. They oozed of love. When I met Hoshang again, I asked him why had he not mentioned about Mehera and Mani and he calmly said that he did not know of them. He was very secretive in those days.”

    “But I really had never seen them,” he justified himself. They both began to laugh.

   “Hoshang you were very secretive. I always had my focus on Prophet Zarathushtra. I would go with Hoshang to all the Meher Baba meetings, only to keep an eye on him so that he doesn’t fall more and more into the charms of Meher Baba. I thought I was going to be his savior,” she laughed aloud. “But I loved Mehera.”

    “Havovi is right. They were very beautiful. Mani too was very pretty.”

   “All of them were full of love and you could feel that love. My bone of contention was as to though in my heart I did not believe in Meher Baba, still why were all these Persian ladies giving me so much of love and attention. I was very happy to meet them. I loved them more than Baba and even Godavari Mai. I always felt that I was travelling with a couple of loonies,” again she laughed out loud. “I kept wondering as to ‘why did I get myself into all this’. I remember Baba had given a public darshan in Sunderabai Hall. He was coming out of seclusion and people were all gathered with garlands waiting for Him. And they were all discussing that ‘we will greet Baba like that and hug Him like that’ and those days we were allowed to hug Him. I as usual was not interested in meeting Meher Baba and kept telling others to go ahead of me, trying to postpone my turn of meeting Him. Finally my turn came and I went there, I had taken a garland and imagine I tell Baba, ‘Hello uncle’ and gave it to Him and ran down. I have done all crazy things. Then Hoshang and I got married and Baba sent beautiful blessings. We got married on 19th January 1957. I was twenty years old. Though I didn’t believe in Baba, my daddy and mummy believed in Him staunchly. Then my son Rayomand was born in 1958. It is Rayomand who took the last picture of Meher Baba. If you have gone to the Mandali Hall, at Meherazad, the center of the right hand side wall, below the big photo of Baba, there is a photo of Baba’s mummy and daddy, to the right side of Baba’s mummy and daddy there is a picture, where you see Baba with a shawl, Arnavaz cutting the cake, Eruch speaking on the mike and it looks like Baba is fading away. It was 22nd December 1968. That is the last photograph taken of Baba.”

   “Anyway, when my son was going to be born, I was clear that I did not want him to be named after Meher Baba. You see most people were named Meherwan, Meher this and Meher that, so I said that if a son is born then I would name him Rayomand and if a daughter is born then Rukshan. So you can imagine how stubborn and immature I was that though I had God to guide me physically I still insisted on using my own brain and we named our boy, Rayomand. The name was chosen from the 101 names of Lord Ahura Mazda. Rayomand is the 96th name of the Lord, which means Hallowed in His Light.” She halted for a while. “As time passed I became more and more anti Baba. Hoshang would never speak about Him to me as I guess he did not want me to speak nonsense about Baba. Then I don’t know how but slowly something within me felt this growing love for Baba. He had never tried to force me to believe in Him or love Him, but a strange love began to grow for Him within me. Baba knew of that transformation that was going on within me, and one day He made Eruch give me a prayer book and wrote inside, ‘with all My love’. That book is still with me. That was the first time this prayer book had been printed which is the Repentance Prayer. After receiving the book my love for Baba began to grow more and more till one day I just knew that He is God. I can’t remember the day or month or anything when this happened but I just knew He is God. Then much later when my daughter was to be born, I was all ready for her to be named by Baba and He named her Meherukh. I guess He knew I had longed to name her Rukshana, so Meher for Baba and Rukh for Rukhshana, became Meherukh.”

   “After the transformation within you, I guess you began to yearn to meet Meher Baba?”

   “Oh yes. Would die to meet Him. Mehera would send Baba’s sadras (muslin vest worn by Zoroastrians) for us to stitch. I would love to stitch the sadras for Baba. We got so many golden opportunities to spend time with Baba. Just to be in His presence was heaven for us. But I still feel I wasted seven years doubting His divinity. Then He slowly started to go into seclusion more and more. He had asked us to write letters to Him to keep in touch. More like a health bulletin about us and the family. On the 1st of each month, everyone would receive a reply from Baba. Then it became once every two months. One month I would write and the next month Hoshang would write. I still remember in one of the letters I wrote that, ‘we drink, eat and breathe Baba’. I miss those days. I miss Mani too. She was filled with love, They were all love. Mehera and all, gave us a lot of love. With Baba’s Grace they were all very close to us. Very much. I still remember in 1982, they were all present at our silver jubilee. We have shot an entire film of that occasion. We missed Baba’s physical form so much more on that day,” she reminisced.

   “Mehera, Mani, each and every mandali member were filled with love for Baba. The way they spoke and the love that they gave, always felt as though it was Baba who was pouring out His love through them. That was the feeling we got,” informed Hoshang. “Baba dropped His body in 1969, but till the end of the century, till every mandali member was present… Mehera was there, Mani was there, most of them were present, and whenever we went to meet them they only spoke of Baba. It was as if Baba was  pouring out His love through them. The way the five fingers are different, they were also different but one thing in common was the love and their devotion, the love and the obedience and total surrender to Meher Baba.”

   “Meher Baba was very big on obedience?”

   “Oh Yes. He always said that love itself was obedience. Baba must have loved us a lot as all our children and the children of my elder brothers, Baba had blessed and given them all the holy Sadra and Kusti, (the sanctified vest and thread, worn by Zoroastrians). We wanted a Navjote to be done in the family. Arnavaz had planned May 1969, for the Navjote to be performed. In October 1968 we asked Baba, whether May next year would be right for the Navjote and Baba was overjoyed and He looked at us and signaled ‘kabool’. But immediately Baba gestured that ‘do the Navjote on Mehera’s Birthday’.” Hoshang smiled. “You must understand to get a Navjote ceremony done is a big thing. It requires lot of preparation and we tried to explain to Baba but He refused insisting that we did the Navjote on Mehera’s birthday, which was on 22nd December. None of us had ever dreamt that Baba would leave His physical body forty days after Mehera’s birthday. Baba insisted and we agreed. Yes doing the Navjote in May would have been ideal but Baba’s words are the law. Then He inquired if there were other children who were ready for the Navjote to be performed. So we realized that Jal Dastoor and Dolly’s sister’s daughter, Mehernaz, was ready for her Navjote. Mehernaz is like my daughter and also of the same age as Meherukh. So now we had three children whose Navjote could be performed. Then we realized that Arnavaz’s brother Dara, who died very young, his son Nauzar was just eleven months younger than Mehernaz and Meherukh. So we had four children who were ready of age for the Navjote but none of them knew their prayers and we had done no arrangements.

   “So the Navjote of these four children were performed in Meherazad, on Mehera’s Birthday in that beautiful garden. Not many people were there. We are blessed to have the entire function filmed. Can you imagine that was the first time in my entire life, after knowing Baba for so many years, that I saw Mehera Mai. This beautiful Persian lady sitting in front of me,” smiled Hoshang.

   “Hoshang had you never seen Mehera before? How come you never saw her? Though it is not surprising as it was only one year before Baba took samadhi that Baba had got Mehera out. Even the men mandali didn’t have a clue as to how Mehera looked. It was only one year before He dropped His body that Baba introduced Mehera to the mandali too,” Havovi informed.

   “It was such a habit that even after all these years of Baba dropping His body, the men mandali would hesitate to look at her.”

   “Hoshang it was such a strict seclusion.”

   “Yes it was such a habit of seclusion that it had become a habit for all of them.”

   “That seclusion only Mehera could have gone through. Mehera was Mehera. There was so much of seclusion for her, so much, so much that even a bottle of Jonny Walker whisky was covered, so that the name and the snap of a man could not be seen or read by Mehera.  Everything was like that, no photo of a man, nothing, it was such strict seclusion. She was Divine,” Havovi smiled.

          “Baba’s marzi. What can we say? It is impossible to fathom God,” Hoshang whispered.

   “Mehera was something else. Out of this world. Anyway back to the Navjote. Baba did the Navjote of all the four children. He was not well at all. He was in very indifferent health at that time. In fact before the Navjote, Baba’s health was so very bad that we thought Baba would not be able to attend the ceremony but He did. He did everything throughout the ceremony and He was present for the entire ceremony. I still remember the four children were standing ahead and all the parents behind them. Baba met all of us. Baba caressed all the children’s faces and made them say, ‘Manashni, Gavashni , Kunashni Ahuramazda, Asho Zarthost, Avatar Meher Baba’. That’s it. No other prayers were recited. Baba told the children to keep chanting this prayer. He gave them the blessed Sadra and Kusti. We still have that blessed Sadra and Kusti with us. Then He told them to chant these prayers loudly and then gave a message. Then the festivity began. Baba was not well at all and thus no photographer was called. With Baba’s grace Mani clicked photos and shot a movie. At that time my Rayomand was mischievous and restless, and there was something in the garden, he went after it and fell down and he got hurt in his teeth. Goher told Baba, ‘Rayomand has fallen down’. He had just turned ten years old. Baba said to apply brandy. He got alright and began to run around with Mani aunty. Then Mani aunty asked Baba that can ‘Rayomand click Your photo?’, and Baba said ‘yes’. That’s how the last photograph of Baba was clicked and it was clicked by our son Rayomand on a box camera. This is how Baba blessed these children as forty days later He had dropped His body. Obviously He was aware of this thus He made sure that the Navjote took place on Mehera’s birthday and not in May in the following year. We were devastated but Baba is so merciful that He has come often in my dreams.

   “There is a very vivid dream of Sai Baba of Shirdi. We don’t go anywhere else but to Meher Baba. We don’t need to go anywhere, there is no inclination or desire to go anywhere as They are all one with Baba, All are Perfect Masters of Baba only. But one day I got this dream, because even as a child I had this connection with Sai Baba. All this time I always had imagined Sai Baba in orange and always saw Sai Baba in that colour. But in the dream for the first time I saw Sai Baba’s Statue in white. This was such a vivid dream that I remember it even today, although I must have dreamt this twenty odd years back. Sai Baba was in the posture of a reclining Buddha. And I am on this one side of Sai Baba. Arnavaz is also present. I remember even the saree I am wearing in the dream. Arnavaz is standing there and Sai Baba is in the reclining posture. I asked Arnavaz, ‘may I pay my respects by going around Sai Baba?’ and Arnavaz tells me ‘yes go round Baba’. So I go seven times round and round of Sai Baba’s statue. This was my dream and it’s strange as I used to like doing this at Meher Baba’s Samadhi too, but now of course we can’t go around Baba’s Samadhi. Baba expanded our lives in every possible way,” said Havovi. “I have great faith in Sai Baba of Shirdi and whenever I bow down to Sai Baba, I say, ‘Oh Perfect Master of my Perfect Lord Meher Baba, I bow down to You’.  When we were small, we had all these sayings of Sai Baba…you know the ones like, ‘If you look to Me I look to you’.”

          “Sai Baba’s Promises to His followers.”

  “Yes His promises.”

  “Did you all ever meet any other Master with Meher Baba?”

   “No. Our connection was with Meher Baba only. Gadge Maharaj I had seen and met, because He had come to meet Meher Baba. He used to come to help Baba wash the lepers. Gadge Maharaj told Meher Baba that ‘You are Vitthoba, so You come and give darshan at Pandharpur’. So Baba agreed. Gadge Maharaj made Baba sit, and told all the Pandharpur yatri’s that, ‘Jeevat Vitthoba cha darshan giya’. (Take the darshan of the living Lord Vitthoba.)  The song ‘Ya ho ya ho, chala darshan-a la’ is a beautiful song which brings back those days.” Havovi sang this line. “Pratap was present too and he is a very staunch lover of Meher Baba. I adore his family because they all love Baba so much, all Baba lovers. Now I will go to make tea for you, I have been taking up the limelight, now let Hoshang speak.”

She left and Hoshang began to speak.

   “Baba used to give darshan at 8.30 am in the morning at Guruprasad. The main central hall, it was gigantically big, which was open for darshan on Saturday and Sunday. There were three to five wings on each side and Baba gave me the permission to stay there for seven days. We used to sleep inside and meet Baba twice a day. We had a factory and we wanted to sell it. Baba through gestures said that, ‘have you gone mad, don’t sell it right now’. Then after three to four years Baba through gestures asked me, ‘do you still have the thought of selling it’. I said, ‘Yes Baba’. So then Baba through gestures said, ‘sell it when you can’. The last time when we met Baba on 22nd December 1968, through gestures He said, ‘don’t worry at all, all will happen’ (jara bhi fikar na karto thasay). He would gesture in sign language and through His eyes. I remember a few weeks later we were negotiating with a potential buyer. It was around two in the afternoon when the phone rang and we were told that Baba had dropped His body. We all rushed to Meherabad. We felt as though our father had left us but we knew Baba was always with us. Those seven days when His body lay in the crypt, seem just like yesterday. Nobody could believe that our Baba was not going to be in the physical body anymore. That we would not get to look at His beautiful form and be blessed by His love. But we all were and are certain that He is still with us each moment of our day and life and beyond. We managed to sell the factory all because of the strength which Baba gave us. I still miss going to Meherazad, to stay with Baba. Miss those days a lot.”

   “Has Baba come in your dreams?”

   “Nai.” He chuckles. “Because one thing I have learned, especially after Baba dropped the body, is that He is always with us. You see the irony is that I have hundreds of stories, but when you have to speak about Meher Baba, only His love for each one of us comes to the mind. That is the most important thing to remember. His love for us all. Even the mandali members, they were all giants. Lovely people.”

Havovi returned with snacks and tea.

“After Baba dropped His body, Meherazad was open on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Mandali members would come and share their experiences with Baba and all that which Baba had told them. Nobody gave the impression that they were better than the rest, greater than others just because they had met Baba. Only love flowed, that’s all. Just love oozing from them. It was the beauty. We would eat together, drink together, have tea together, go for walks together in the morning, every day, every single day. Baba had once told me when He was in the body, that  after ‘I drop My body many bhagvans and saints and avatars will grow like mushrooms, so beware of them. Just hold onto My daaman. Constant remembrance of Me. Constant. Constant. Remember Me, so that, first and foremost evil thoughts stay away from you and second where is the need for you to go to other Masters or other saints or anyone, when I am there. And you have accepted Me and this is your courage of conviction of acceptance of Baba’. This conviction too He only has given us as a gift. The past is history and the future is a mystery, the present is a God Man Meher Baba. So live in the present. He is the present.”  I could make out that Hoshang had got very emotional.

   “You know,” informed Havovi, “it is strange that there were many so called intellectuals who wrote against Baba. They wrote against Baba such nonsense. What they wrote was not in favour of Baba at all. Many would want to meet Baba and Baba often was in seclusion and would refuse and I guess their egos got hurt. But look at what is happening today. The greatest miracle Baba has performed is the wonderful and miraculous ways of the Silent One who by observing silence for over forty-three years has drawn people to Him from all castes, colours, religions and all this without meeting Him, without seeing Him. All come to pay their respects to Him at His Samadhi. He is the silent one.”

   “I remember His body laid down in the crypt for seven days, fresh as ever. More and more and more people coming to get their last darshan of His physical body. Have you heard of Kamu Baba?” Inquired Hoshang.

   “Yes, I have gone to pay my respects at His Samadhi.”

   “So Baba’s body was kept for seven days in the crypt and there were many Parsis who used to go to Kamu Baba. Kamu Baba had very high respect and regard for Meher Baba. Some messages had been passed between the two of them, through Roshan, somebody we know well.  Anyway one day this Parsi lady told Kamu Baba that, ‘we had gone to Meherabad when Meher Baba dropped His body and His body was smelling and stinking. The body was rotting and there was very bad stench’. Kamu Baba put His hand on His mouth and said, ‘No…no…khabardar (dare you) if you say a word against Him, your and My existence is there because He is there’. This is what Kamu Baba said to that lady in front of everybody. Gula maasi (mother’s sister)…Gula Mistry, used to say that if anybody spoke about Meher Baba, Kamu Baba would love to put His fingers on His eyes and lips and the heart, in a mark of respect to Meher Baba. Kamu Baba loved Sai Baba of Shirdi and would say that even Sai Baba has the highest respect for Meher Baba. He would often say that, ‘Your and my existence is because of Him, He is the Highest Power’.

Be blessed always.

Jai Baba.

Ruzbeh N. Bharucha

I would like to believe that every word that has poured forth, has come through the unbound grace, love, mercy and compassion of Avatar Meher Baba. I would also like to thank my sister Jennifer Bharucha, Jimmy Khan, Mehernath B. Kalchuri, Roshani Shenazz and Jennifer Keating, who have been instruments chosen by Baba, with whose help these interviews have been made possible. I would also like to thank Jimmy Khan and Cyrus Khambata for their invaluable editorial inputs. Be blessed always. Jai Baba.

Ruzbeh N. Bharucha​​​

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