Free Will, Karma & Bewildered Creator

For Some Reason I Thought I Knew How To Pray

Always The Sun

Am I The Spirit In The Body Or Am I The Body

Burning The True Fire Within

Convert Karma Into Your Free Will And Soar

Dear God, Will You Please Love Me A Little Less

Divine Light Meditation

Faith & All that

Flame Meditation, Cleansing And Protection

God Is In The Blasted Details Too

God Isn't Deaf, We Are Just Mute

How & Why Not To Pray

Karmic DNA Balancing

More Ramblings about Am I The Spirit In The Body or Am I The

More Ramblings About Karma

Oneness And Freewill

Samadhi, Nirvana And All That

Soul Mate, Soul Group and Karmic Bonds

Spiritual Totality

Spirituality In A Bottle Of Cola

Stories From Scriptures...Part 1

Stories From The Scriptures...Part Two

Sweet Mercy

The Art of Committing Spiritual Harakiri

The Compassion Day

The Easiest Way To Meditate & Also Clear Off Karmic Debt

The Ether Element

The Grace Of One's Master And The Power Of Prayers

The Guru Gone Wrong

The Halo Of Fear

The Most Powerful Blessing

The Oneness Meditation- From Visualization to Realization

The Perfect Master And The Power Of Prayers

The Three Bodies That Encase The Soul

Wake The Boss Man up

We Deserve The Guru We Get

When Being Spiritual Can Be Unspiritual

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