The Perfect Ones: Life & teachings

My Sai…My Sigh

Divine Goddess...MOTHER MARY

Hazrat Baba Jaan…The Qutub & The Rose

Avatar Meher Baba And His Final Warning

Glory Be To The Divine Mother

Guru Arjan Dev...Guru and Martyr

Dada Forever

Archangel Michael – The Warrior Prince of Light

Har Rai…The Seventh Guru

Archangel Raphael…The Shining One Who Heals

Mother Mary-The Kundalini Shakti

Baba Nityananda....The Gentle Giant

Baba Sai & His Maha Samadhi

Baba Sai And The Mind

Christ And The Cross

'Conversations With Dada Vaswani: A Perfect Disciple, A Reluctant Master'

Faith, fate, finality and Baba Sai

For The Love of The Guru- Guru Angad

Guru Gobind Singh…The Prophet, The Poet, The Warrior

Guru Ram Das...The Humble One

Guru Tegh Bahadur...The Selfless Martyr

Haji Ali...The Prince of Waves

Happy Birthday LORD MEHER- The Path to God is Merciless


How The Perfect Master Makes One Go Beyond Karma.

I Guess This Is How Baba Sai Would Want Me To Live

Khwaja Garib Nawaz…The Master Patron Saint Of The Poor

Krishna…The Eighth Chakra

Lahiri Mahasaya…The Lord Of Yogis & A Very Good Accountant

Leave Our Sai Alone

Life And All That With Baba Sai

Lord Datta and His Twenty Four Gurus

Lord Ganesha The Pathway That Leads To The Goddess

Lord Mahavir The Warrior of Light

Lord Shiva's Guru Skanda, The Other Son

Mary Magdalene…Disciple, Lover, Apostle Of Apostles

Meher, Sai, Silence And All That

Mehera Be Brave…The Avatar’s beloved

Archangel Gabriel…The Master’s Voice

Nanak…The Prophet and The Peasant

Narayan Maharaj…God In Every Being

The Nine Manifestations Of Maa Durga

Not without The Mother

Ramakrishna Paramhamsa...Maa Kali’s Baby

Ramana The MahaRishi

Ramblings Of A Seeker…Wisdom Of Baba Sai

Sadhu Vaswani…God’s Whisper

Sai’s Chosen One, Meher’s Guru, Upasani Maharaj

Sant Dass…The Cobbler King

Sarkar Makhdum Shah Baba…The Awaisi

Seshadri The Sage

Shankar Maharaj…The Master Maverick

Siddhartha…The Compassionate One

Swami Vivekananda…The Reluctant Disciple

The Compassion Of The Master

The Daily Routine Of Baba Sai

The Father, The Son But Who Is The Holy Spirit?

The Goddess Within…

The Last Days Of Ramana Maharishi

The Long Walk Back Home…Baba’s Maha Samadhi

The Perfectly Mad One...Baba Tajuddin

The Quest For A Master

The Saint Of Mercy…Sister Maria Faustina…

The Silent Avatar…Meher Baba

The Spiritual Dwarfs

THEOTOKOS: The God Bearer, The Mother Of God

To Christ With Love

Why Did Baba Ask For Money?

Ya Devi Sarva Bhooteshu

My Dearest Baba Sai

The Master’s Grace

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