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Yamuna Gently Weeps

This 7 minute video is a synopsis of the documentary "Yamuna Gently Weeps". It is the story of the demolition of the Yumana Pushta community in New Delhi, India, in early 2004.

40,000 homes were destroyed, displacing 120,000 people. Also destroyed were schools, businesses, and social service organizations which served the poor.

I Believe I Can Fly

This documentary on mother and child in Indian Prisons; mainly focusing on children in Indian prisons. In India, a mother can keep her child in prison, till the child is six years old. All laws applicable to the mother is automatically applicable to the child.

The film shows life in and outside prison; how a simple play school can transform life and the miracle and wonders of rehabilitation in good schools and it ends with the heart warming scene of children entering the prison to meet their mothers.

Sehat...Wings of Freedom

The SEHAT Project, a peer-led health education project, aims to promote positive health behavior with a focus on HIV prevention among prisoners in India. It was initiated in the year 2005 at two prison sites in India, namely Tihar Prisons, New Delhi and Amritsar Central Prison.

This documentary traces the difference the project has made in the lives of the peer leaders.

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